The Store

Bananas Records, owned and operated by Michelle and Doug Allen, has been a St. Petersburg, FL fixture since 1977. Collectively, Bananas houses over 20,000 sq. ft. of new and used CDs, DVDs, audio equipment, vinyl accessories, and over three million pieces of vinyl, including LPs, 45s, and 78s. People from all over the world visit and shop from our vast inventory, looking for unique and collectable records, as well as classics and new releases. Our location on 22 nd  Avenue N. hosts live music and events regularly, and proudly hosts a Record Store Day celebration every April.  Come explore our three unique locations!

Bananas History

Michelle and Doug are avid readers and opened Allen’s Book Store in April 1977.  When forced, however, to buy a whole stack of records at a garage sale for a single Joan Baez album, records were added to the inventory. Vinyl soon dominated book sales, and in the early eighties the name became Allen’s Record Exchange. In the mid-eighties the name was changed once more to Bananas Records to match other local, fruit-themed record stores.

For over forty years, Bananas has been buying and selling rare and unique vinyl and audio equipment. Throughout that time, we have befriended all types of formats (most are still on sale today!) and we are especially excited to see vinyl make such a strong comeback, as it’s our favorite wink!