Hello dear music friends. Bananas’ staff here. We love music and our staff have varying degrees of knowledge. We had an idea to start a blog series exploring the ever-expanding genres and sub-genres.

What we did was look at a list of genres by one source (so far) and put them in a jar. Because the options are inexhaustible and subjective, out of practicality we will be selecting from about 100 genres. We will blindly select one about every two weeks to learn the origin story and cultural movements that created it. You can expect hot takes and not-so-hot takes from staff, who have “feelings” about some genres. There will be earnest discussion, examples, recommendations, playlists, and comedy (and tragedy).

The Rules

We promise to be experts on not being experts. The point of this project is to learn what we can from casual research and share our education and excitement about what we find. This is meant to be a collaborative project. We hope you keep up and debate whether an artist belongs in the genre we are discussing, or if a genre is even valid at all. Bring it on!

Genre Jar

We will also be recruiting feedback from some friends, who will weigh in on their personal feelings about the genres. Let us say again: we are not experts on every genre ever invented. Our motivation is education and fun, friendly debate. We’ll try and keep it unpretentious and always cite where we found our information. So, don’t @ us.

Stay tuned for our first genre: Piedmont Blues.